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Date: Dec 11, 2017
Monday, December 11, 2017, 6:00 P.M. Northern Town Hall, 445 Town Hall Road NW, Bemidji, MN.

PRESENT: Supervisors Mike Kelly, Jess Frenzel, Paul Wiese, Clark Chambers, and Curt Blumhagen. Treasurer Doug Kranich, Road Supervisor Clarence Lindseth and Clerk Mary Israelson. See sign-in sheet for visitors.

MINUTES: A motion was offered by Wiese, seconded by Blumhagen, and carried, to approve the minutes of the November 27, 2017, meeting as presented.

Lakewood Drive - Letters had been sent to the five (5) property owners located along the western end of Lakewood Drive, asking them to attend tonight's meeting in order to discuss the possibility of a cost-share proposal to blacktop that portion of road. No one was present tonight, but the Clerk had received telephone calls from two of the property owners, Ryan Mason and Bruce Daniels, indicating that they are interested and in favor of the idea but where not able to attend the meeting. A new residential development is now located along this roadway, which has been blacktopped, and the parking lot at Lazy Jack's is required to also be blacktopped. This seems like an opportune time to blacktop the gravel portion of road, with the cooperation of the property owners. However, the Board agreed that the majority of property owners would need to show interest and share in the cost.

Deerpath Development - A group of residents were not on tonight's agenda, but were present to discuss the process of turning the roads in their development over to the Township. This concept has been discussed several times in the past with various property owners, explaining that the roads are required to meet the township's road standards prior to consideration by the Township for acceptance.

Matt Gulmon, spoke for the group indicating that the property owners have met and are willing to move forward and do what it required in order to meet the standards.

Chairman Kelly explained that there are certain steps that need to take place before the Board will consider their acceptance. Once the required work is completed to meet the township's road standards, engineers Freeberg & Grund, Inc. would inspect them and determine whether or not those standards are met.

Sara Moran, indicated that the developer, Keith Johanneson, has had an inspection done by Freeberg & Grund, and has received quotes to do the work, which was started prior to the winter weather setting in. She wants to make sure that the work will meet the requirements, and it was suggested that the engineers/township stay involved in the process.

Dave Larkin, reported that he pays over $1,000 in township taxes and asked what services he received for it, since the township does not maintain the road he lives along. Kelly explained that all township residents share in the township's expenses (roads, fire protection, land use planning, animal control, elections, etc.) even if they do not live along a township road.

Mike Arnold, indicated that they have completed another Petition for the request, but understands that there has already been one submitted. Kelly explained that another is not necessary, but should be received prior to October 1st in order for the proper process to take place prior to winter maintenance to take place. The process includes legal notification, scheduling a road inspection and public hearing.

The group also indicated that they would like to consider something for their mailboxes, by grouping them together in some form. Kelly thought that could be worked out with the proper guidance. The Township does have a mailbox standard policy, but grouping the mailboxes together is something that the road maintenance contractor would be in favor of.

Town Hall Road - Christine Johnson asked why there hasn't been any sanding done on Town Hall Road. It was explained that there has been sanding done, but the excessive amount of ice on the roads this season has been a problem.

Icy Roads! Lindseth reported that the freezing rain received early in the season is still lying on the roads. Sanding was done on almost all of the roads, but hasn't taken care of all of the hazards. There were six (6) loads of sand/salt placed down in one day. They will continue to work on them, but care is required by motorists.

Frenzel and Kelly reported that they will be meeting Wednesday, with a variance request for a property on Birchmont Beach Court, along with setback variance requests for the new city liquor store.

Joint LGU Meeting - Blumhagen felt it was a good meeting, and that Kelly handled the discussion quite well as the Chairman of the JPB. There was some discussion regarding extending the Joint Planning Agreement beyond 2020, as well as the issues involved with the transfer of ownership of Ruttger's Resort and the failing septic system.

Bills - The bills are payable with check numbers 9807-9834 totaling $36,747.25. Some of the larger expenses this month were to; D&D Contracting (new doors) - $4,279.24, Bonded Lock (hardware & keys for new doors) - $1,924.50, Johnson Construction (winter maintenance) - $6,398.50, expenses for the Beach Lane public access (engineering and material testing) - $5,274.25, final payments for the Town Hall Road reconstruction - $5,194.54 total. A motion was offered by Chambers, and seconded by Wiese, to pay the bills as presented. The motion carried.

Treasurer Report - Cash by Fund balances are; Revenue - $75,797.37, Road & Bridge - $156,675.05, Rural Fire - ($2,133.50), and Sewer District Waville - $12,689.94, for a total of $243,028.86. A motion was offered by Blumhagen, seconded by Frenzel, and carried, to approve the report as presented.

CD's - Kranich reported that the 2nd half tax settlement was received the first week in December, so he is proposing that a total of $580,000.00 be invested as follows; $150,000 be placed in a six (6) month CD at .75%, $75,000 - 6 months at .75%, and $145,000 - 30 days at .65%. The group consented with the recommendation.

1) A list of the special assessments certified to the County Auditor, 2) Worker's Comp Audit request, 3) County tax settlement correspondence, 4) copy of letter sent to property owners along western end of Lakewood Drive, 5) Beltrami County Solid Waste update information, 6) information regarding proposal for new election equipment.

Lakewood Drive - Frenzel indicated that he would not be in favor of pursuing the blacktop project unless there is close to 100% participation by the property owners.

Election Equipment - The Clerk reported that she attended a meeting with the County Auditor, along with the City of Bemidji Clerks and a rep from Bemidji Township, all representing the larger precincts in Beltrami County. It was explained that there is an opportunity to received grant funds to upgrade our election equipment to include a new ballot counter and new "ebooks". The ebooks are used as the roster on Election Day, as well as registering new voters. The Secretary of State's Office is endorsing this new format for the larger precincts and will distribute the grant funds based on need. The County Auditor needed to complete the grant application with a prediction of the County's needs today, and it will not be known how the funds will be distributed to each county until all the applications are reviewed, toward the end of January. The expense for Northern Township could be approximately $4,000 (includes new ballot counter and 4 ebooks) if the maximum amount of funds are made available, to $8,200.00 at the lowest level of grant funds. Frenzel, Chambers and Blumhagen, had all indicated support for upgrading the equipment. Grant fund figures should be available prior to completing the budget in February/March.

Doors - The doors were installed with some issues with the hardware needed to appropriately fit the doors with locks and panic bars. Bonded Lock was hired to complete that part of the work, and it was agreed that additional plates be installed to appropriately cover the unused hardware holes (approximately $200).

Lake Beltrami Road - The Ten Lake Township Board has voted to not complete the blacktop work on the Lake Beltrami Road, even after much encouragement from many residents, along with Northern Township. It was agreed that this Board would continue to support using the grant to blacktop the road, since a portion of it lies in Northern Township.

Year End - Kelly gave a short review of the accomplishments for the year, including conclusion of the two (2) lawsuits, major improvements to the Evergreen Cemetery, and completion of a great section of road on Town Hall Road. He thanked the staff and Board for their commitment and work.

December Meeting - It was agreed that another meeting would not be held this month, due to the 2nd meeting date landing on Christmas Day, unless something were to come up requiring an additional meeting.

With no further business forthcoming, the meeting was adjourned at 7:22 p.m.

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