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Date: Sep 24, 2018
Monday, September 24, 2018, 6:00 p.m. Northern Town Hall, 445 Town Hall Road NW, Bemidji, MN.

PRESENT: Supervisors Mike Kelly, Jess Frenzel, Curt Blumhagen, Clark Chambers, Paul Weise, and Clerk Mary Israelson. See guest sign-in sheet for visitors.

MINUTES: A motion was offered by Chambers, and seconded by Wiese, to approve the minutes of the September 10, 2018, meeting as presented. The motion carried unanimously.

Marshall Johnston, is a member of the Waville Wastewater Subordinate Service District and solicited a survey of the users following the last meeting. He presented the results of the survey with all users indicating that they were not in favor of going forward with paying for a feasibility study. The Board has asked for proposals to complete an analysis of the existing treatment system, how long it can be anticipated to perform properly, suggestions for a replacement system, and possibly grant funds available for it. The proposals are due to be presented to the Board at the October 22nd meeting, and then they will decide whether or not to proceed with it.

Kelly reported that Lindseth has been laid up for a while and gave the following update on road issues;

Chip Seal - The work was completed on S. Movil Lake Road and Whiting Road. Kelly reported that he was mostly satisfied with the work, except for an issue that he encountered with an excess amount of chips being placed along his driveway. He was able to work with the contractor and rectified the matter as best as could be done. The striping is expected to be done in the next couple weeks.

Patching - This work has been done by S&T Services.

Ditch Mowing - Is currently being done in preparation for winter.

Gravel - Was done on Wildwood Road.

Bel-Tree - Johnson is completing the work that included reshaping, ditching, a couple culverts, and will also include new gravel.

Tim Vigen - Has indicated that he is willing to help out with any work that needs to be done while Lindseth is out of commission.

Lakewood Drive - The blacktopping was completed and the invoice received. The Township's portion of the $33,906.09 bill was determined to be $21,066.09, due to the overlayment of the existing blacktop and the shouldering. The five (5) property owners will share $12,840.00, or $2,568.00 each. They will be billed and Chambers offered a motion to charge 4% over three (3) years to those who wish to pay their assessment with their real estate tax bill. The motion was seconded by Wiese, and carried unanimously.

Frenzel and Kelly reported that there were three (3) cases considered. All were in the City of Bemidji, with a new Edward D. Jones building being constructed on Paul Bunyan Drive, and Bob's Towing in the Industrial Park. The PUD (former Clear View Resort) for John Peterson is still being considered, and will come back to the JPB at the next meeting. There are still some issues with the density as it relates to the number of units and occupancy, parking, etc. and some revisions are being presented.

1) Thank You note from Lakes Area Dive Team for contribution, 2) information from National Conference of Public Employees Retirement System regarding open enrollment for life insurance, 3) Modified Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit from 1st National Bank & Trust Co. of Williston for Hamilton Place, as requested, 4) revised closing statement for S. Movil Lake Road property.

S. Movil Lake Property - The closing on the Lake Movil property is scheduled for Thursday, September 27th. Resolution No. 2018-0901; A Resolution Consenting To The Purchase Of Real Property For The Purpose Of Public Access Use was prepared by the Clerk and presented for approval. The property is described as Lot 13, Britten's Beach at 107 S. Movil Lake Road, and the purchase price is $66,000.00 plus closing costs, for a total of $66,932.01 (check #10017 - $1,000,.00 and check #10062 - $65,932.01). Frenzel offered a motion to accept Resolution No. 2018-0901 as presented, with Chambers seconding. The motion carried unanimously.

JPB/City of Bemidji - Kelly reported that the City Council will be considering the continuation of the JPB, which includes Northern Township, at their work session this evening.

With no further business forthcoming, the meeting was adjourned at 7:11 p.m.

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