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Date: Feb 11, 2019
Monday, February 11, 2019, 6:00 p.m. Northern Town Hall, 445 Town Hall Road NW, Bemidji, MN.

PRESENT: Supervisors Mike Kelly, Curt Blumhagen, Clark Chambers, Jess Frenzel, with Paul Wiese arriving at 6:15 p.m. Treasurer Doug Kranich, Road Supervisor Clarence Lindseth and Clerk Mary Israelson. See sign-in sheet for guests.

Nichole Lundberg and Kyle Kelm, DK Builders, are considering purchasing the remainder of the undeveloped parcels (twelve) in the plat of Cornell Woods, and would like to know what the procedures are to turn the roads over to the Township for maintenance. They are aware that this area is in the proposed 3rd phase of annexation to the City of Bemidji. The Board explained that the roads would have to be brought up to the township's road standards followed by an inspection from an engineer (at their expense), and then a petition presented to the Board. The original developer signed a township road agreement in 2006, and there was no requirement at that time to blacktop the roads, so that would remain as the requirement. The policy is also that 40 percent of the parcels in the plat be developed, but can be left to the discretion of the Board if it is close and some building is underway.

Mark Fuller, Freeberg & Grund, Inc, would like to know if the Board has any concerns regarding the proposed Aspen Avenue road construction project, and if they are ready to go forward with bid advertising for the construction phase. There are still quite a few property owners who have not stopped in to the office to sign right-of-way easements. These are necessary in order that the road can be properly recorded, as is the policy with each road construction project. The Board agreed that the bidding process should be started, since the work can still be done without the easement documents. The plan is that the work would begin once school is dismissed for the summer, and be completed by the time it starts again in the fall. Lindseth would like the intersections with Peace and Vincent Lanes reviewed in order that the new blacktop extends a bit onto those road approaches.

Snow! There was a bit of an issue with the recent large snowfall, since Joel Johnson was not available to operate the grader plow, and he doesn't have a second operator for it. The pick-up plow and sanding truck were both used, and all roads were opened. There was a complaint regarding the width of the northern portion of East Movil Lake Road, and vehicles not being able to pass cars easily. It was explained to the caller, that the road does need improvements to help with this situation.

The sanding truck has been out, and the front end loader will be used to clean up and push back snow in some areas, due to the large volume of snow that has been received.

Chambers will be filling in for Frenzel for this week's meeting. There is one case regarding a height variance for new construction at BSU.

Blumhagen reported that the ISO rating was reduced to a three (3), from a four (4). This is a real benefit for the property owners located within five (5) miles from one of the three fire station locations, and will be affective May 1st. Property owners should make sure their insurance provider is aware of this.

Bills - The bills are payable with check numbers 10170 - 10192, totaling $49,134.05. Larger invoices include; Contribution to Beltrami County for the proposed Veteran's Home - $10,000.00, payment for the new election equipment - $3,717.50, Johnson Construction for snow removal - $11,819.50, Freeberg & Grund for Aspen Ave - $6,000.00, and payment from the Waville Fund for first portion of study - $4,500.00. A motion was offered by Chambers, and seconded by Wiese, to pay the bills as presented. The motion carried.

Treasurer Report - Cash by Fund balances are; Revenue - $158,285.91, Road & Bridge - $521,938.64, Rural Fire - $39,668.35, and Sewer District Waville - $15,289.97, for a total of $735,182.87. A motion was offered by Blumhagen, seconded by Chambers, and carried, to approve the report as presented.

Certificates of Deposit - Kranich recommended that $115,000.00 of the maturing $140,000.00 CD be placed in a one month CD at Security Bank at 1.5%. Consensus was given to proceed as recommended.

1) Proposed 2019 Assessment Agreement from Beltrami County Recorder, 2) new proposed fees for 2020 from the rural fire at $129,325.00, 3) MPCA correspondence regarding borings in Supreme Estates, 4) information regarding new fire ISO rating reduced to a three (3), 5) correspondence from County Commissioner Lucachick regarding a concern from resident Alice Larkin regarding roads in Deer Path.

Assessment Agreement - the proposal is in the amount of $25,076, up from $24,453 last year. Kelly asked for the calculation that this amount is based on, and the Clerk will request it.

MPCA - They had informed the Board that they will conducting several 2" boring along the road shoulders in Supreme Estates, as the result of further testing from the Kummer Landfill site. They have submitted an Access Agreement, but will not sign our right-of-way permit application. Their agreement covers the same information as the permit application.

Larkin - Kelly had received an email from Lucachick forwarding the concerns of Larkin. Kelly explained that the Board is aware of the concerns of the property owners in the Plat of Deer Path, and the property owners are quite aware that the requirement for every request to have roads taken over by the Township is that they are brought up to the Township's standards, and inspected prior to them being considered for acceptance. The property owners have been trying to work with the original developer on this matter, but communication has been difficult.

Minnesota Energy - Kelly reported that he has had correspondence with Pam from Minnesota Energy, and she will be attending one of the upcoming board meetings in order to update them regarding plans for extending their service.

Movil Lake Property - Kelly would like the assistant planner for the JPB to attend an upcoming meeting, to talk about possible wetland delineation there.

Budget Work Session - The Board proceeded with reviewing each line item for adjustments to the 2019/2020 budget. Kranich will make some updates and bring back a work sheet for the proposed 2020 budget and Levy.

With no further business forthcoming, the meeting was adjourned at 7:26 p.m.

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