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Date: Apr 8, 2019
Monday, April 8, 2019, 6:00 p.m. Northern Town Hall, 445 Town Hall Road NW, Bemidji, MN.

PRESENT: Supervisors Mike Kelly, Jess Frenzel, and Paul Wiese. Absent; Clark Chambers and Curt Blumhagen. Treasurer Doug Kranich, Road Supervisor Clarence Lindseth and Clerk Mary Israelson. See sign-in sheet for guests.


Water - The culverts on the northern portion of E. Movil Lake and So. Movil Lake Roads were plugged and water is backing up behind them. Johnson Construction was called to open them up.

Northern Lane - The culvert is being watched there and seems to be leveling the water, with no real threat of the water going over the road.

Birchmont Drive - Someone had complained about the manholes being 2-3" below the surface of the road near Selma Drive. Lindseth indicated that the township will not be repairing manholes, since it is the City's sewer/water system. The pipe on Selma Drive is also very high, but was that way when it was turned over to the township for maintenance. This area is scheduled to go into the City in the last phase of annexation.

Shady Lane - There is a sink hole along the south side of the road. Lindseth will try and fill it.

Gravel Roads - Are in real good shape for this time of year, and will be graded once they dry up a bit.

Brushing - Lindseth suggested that some major clearing needs to be done from the town hall east to Pond Road. He felt that it would be a good time to have Johnson Construction do this work. Some caution was given to spending more than what is budgeted, since the snow removal expenses have been quite high so far in 2019.

Chip Seal Contractor - Kelly called the contractor who completed the work on So. Movil Lake Road last fall and there was a crew on the road today sweeping and vacuuming the excess chips. The north side of the road was cleaned up really nicely! A quote will be received to possibly have the same work done on the new blacktop on Town Hall Road this summer.

There is a meeting this week. The committee has met and still working on a proposal for the future fees for Northern Township. Hopefully, it will be complete to present at the LGU meeting scheduled for May 7th. A training session was held recently with Attorney Scott Anderson, and some very good information was received regarding land use administration and meeting processes.

Blumhagen is not available to attend the regular quarterly meeting tomorrow evening, so Wiese was asked to attend in his place.

Bills - The bills are payable with check numbers 10215 - 10235, totaling $36,716.89. Larger invoices include; GBAJPB 2nd quarter contribution - $12,635.50, Johnson Construction for snow removal - $7,539.50, and Freeberg & Grund for Aspen Ave engineering - $4,880.00. A motion was offered by Frenzel, and seconded by Wiese, to pay the bills as presented. The motion carried.

Treasurer Report - Cash by Fund balances are; Revenue - $130,481.55, Road & Bridge - $535,629.29, Rural Fire - $39,685.32, and Sewer District Waville - $8,818.30, for a total of $714,614.46. A motion was offered by Frenzel, seconded by Wiese, and carried, to approve the report as presented.

Certificates of Deposit - Kranich recommended that $100,000.00 be placed in a one month CD at Security Bank at 1.5%. Consensus was given to proceed as recommended.

Audit - Kranich reported that he has been in contact with Miller McDonald, who will be doing to Audit again this year, and some of the information gathering has been started by the Treasurer and Clerk. The Confirmation of Understanding was approved for signing.

1) Email correspondence from Aspen Ave property owner regarding the construction project, 2) copy of registered letter sent to DNR Commissioner regarding notice of road vacation hearing in the plat of Britten's Beach, 3) quarterly report from Al Gorick on the Waville treatment system, 4) notice from DNR Forestry regarding need to begin issuing burning permits, 5) weed inspector workshop notice, 6) note regarding the bid for the blacktopping of Lake Beltrami Road, 7) brochure from Star-Seal of Minnesota for seal and striping services, 8) MAT Short Course information.

Aspen Ave - The Moen's have concerns with the design for the re-construction work on Aspen Ave, and specifically the runoff onto their property. The design work has met all MPCA requirements for permitting, which includes all the drainage. It was agreed to ask Freeberg & Grund to reach out to the Moen's to schedule another meeting with them, as requested.

Lake Beltrami Road - The bids were received for the blacktopping of this road, and the cost is now $10,000.00 over the estimate that was done for the grant several years ago. The County Engineer has asked the DNR if there are additional funds available in this situation, but has not heard back. The Board was asked to consider helping cover this additional expense, along with Turtle Lake Township.

Weed Inspector Meeting - Is scheduled for Thursday, May 2nd from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Frenzel will try to attend.

MAT Short Course - Israelson attended the session held at the Sanford Center. MnDot now has information on their website with maps of each township's roads. Each Township was also each given a printout of their map.

Minnesota Energy - Kelly reported that he hasn't received much more information regarding the extension of services in Northern Township. He was told that the project is just now coming back from engineering.

With no further business forthcoming, the meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

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