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Date: Jun 10, 2019
Monday, June 10, 2019. Northern Town Hall, 445 Town Hall Road NW, Bemidji, MN.

5:30 P.M. - On-Site Inspection at "Alley", Britten's Beach, 107 S. Movil Lake Road.

PRESENT: Supervisors Mike Kelly, Jess Frenzel, Curt Blumhagen, and Clerk Mary Israelson. Many local property owners were also in attendance.

Kelly explained that the reason for tonight's inspection was to look at the 10 ft. platted "alley" extending from S. Movil Lake Road to Lake Movil, which was originally platted along the western end of the Britten's Beach Plat in 1926. The property adjoins a property to the east side that has been purchased by Northern Township for the purpose of providing public access to Lake Movil. Currently the 10 ft. access does not provide true access to the lake in that there is a steep drop in elevation and trespassing onto one of the adjacent properties would be required in order to reach the lake. By vacating the 10 ft. alley, it would automatically be combined with the township property within the plat. Future possible improvements to the entire property are yet to be determined, but the required steps in that process are being looked into.

Kelly also provided a survey of the recently purchased parcel, as well as the adjoining public access. Several questions were then fielded, mostly regarding plans for the development of the property. The group then left the property, with the Public Hearing for the Vacation scheduled for 6:00 p.m. at the Northern Town Hall.

6:00 P.m. Public Hearing re: Vacation of Alley, Britten's Beach, Northern Town Hall, 445 Town Hall Road NW.

PRESENT: Chairman Mike Kelly, Supervisors Jess Frenzel and Curt Blumhagen. Clerk Mary Israelson. Absent: Supervisors Paul Wiese and Clark Chambers. See guest book for visitors.

Chairman Kelly asked for comment regarding the proposed vacation of the Alley in the Plat of Britten's Beach.

Shep Wilimek, 207 S. Movil Lake Road NE, read a letter that he had prepared. He feels that vacating the current alley and combining it with the adjacent property is unnecessary, expressing disapproval with providing additional access to the lake, because there are ways watercraft can enter Lake Movil without disturbing and jeopardizing his neighborhood's tranquility and relative privacy. He was also opposed to the reconstruction of the road, and he has to clean out the gutter. He also has concerns with property values and the financial aspects.

Don Niskanen, 307 S. Movil Lake Road NW, explained that he has a passion for the lake, in that it is a beautiful serene area with a pristine body of water. Additional traffic is going to impact the lake and the neighbors, and no one who lives there wants it. He also questioned future costs.

Muriel Gilman, 11535 E. Movil Lake Road, opposes the vacation of the alley. She duplicates the other concerns, explaining that there is already access from Turtle Lake Township on Turtle Lake. That access is well monitored for AIS, and she has a concern with how that might be done with a new access. She also feels that traffic and parking is a concern, along with access for snowmobiles in that there is nowhere for them to go from that location.

Mildred Peterson, 337 S. Movil Lake Road, has lived there since 1967, and expressed many of the same concerns as the others.

Bruce Anspach, Beltrami County AIS Technician, explained that there would need to be signage regarding procedures for Aquatic Invasive Species safety posted at the site, but probably wouldn't be able to have volunteers there inspecting the watercraft, except for possibly the first year of use.

Art Lee, 103 S. Movil Lake Road NW, is thinking of one word to describe the action - disruptive. He didn't know this was going on, and feels the timing is bad, asking the board to wait a year to think about it. There is no idea of costs, a plan, etc.

Mark Thorson, 11311 Port Lane NE, is a 20 year resident of Lake Movil and has a whole lot of concerns. He feels this location is the worst place for an access, and creating more pressure on the lake will affect the quality and quantity of fish by diminishing them. He also has concerns with trucks coming through the access during the winter, wiping out the fish.

Mary Wilimek, 12567 Sundog Trail NE, who lives in neighboring Turtle Lake Twp, thought there was a ban on new access development and asked if the board if they had talked with Turtle Lake Township regarding these plans.

Ken Beiersdorf, 11317 Star Board Lane NE, reported that his family has been on the lake for 110 years. He is opposed to the idea, stating that it will ruin the lake.

Colleen Joyce, 1117 E. Movil Lake Road NE, asked why the alley has not been maintained. Has the DNR been asked how they feel? (Yes, the DNR is required to provide input and they are in favor of the vacation due to the fact that it is being combined with the adjacent property for the purpose of an expanded public access. They have tried for years to develop an access on Lake Movil, due to the unsafety of winter access through the channel from Turtle Lake). She also asked when the public hearing was held for the purchase of the new property. (There was not one required).

Bill Joyce, 11715 E. Movil Lake Road NE, didn't spend a lot of time on it, but wondered if Mn Statute 459.20 has been reviewed by the board, since it refers to development of an access on a body of water shared with another government entity.

Kelly reiterated that the purpose of tonight's hearing is specifically regarding the vacation of the 10 ft. platted "alley". Once the board proceeds with the broader issue of starting to determine what can be done with the entire property, Turtle Lake Township will be notified. There will be other opportunities for input regarding that process.

Greg Wilimek, 12567 Sundog Trail NE, asked what would happen if the vacation were voted down, what would happen to the other property. Kelly explained that it would not change anything, this is simply a method of combining two public properties into one.

Barb Siler, 11501 E. Movil Lake Road NE, expressed her concerns with no one knowing about the purchase of the property or how much the cost was. She has concerns with additional boats coming into the lake, and wondered where they were going to park, feeling this was illegal. People have to live next to it, and that it isn't fair - listen to the people.

Don Niskenen, asked if the township burrowed money to purchase the property. (No, the property was purchased for $66,000.00 from reserve funds). He also wondered how it will affect everyone's taxes.

John Robinson, 231 S. Movil Lake Road, asked what the purpose of the vacation was. Kelly explained again that the 10 ft. access is virtually useless as access to the lake since there is a steep drop in elevation on it, so the purpose is to combine it with the larger property purchased by the township. But, it will change nothing if it is not vacated and combined. Is there a second reading? No, it is not required. Will the vacation be voted on tonight? It will be addressed during the regular meeting. He also asked why a plan wouldn't be looked at first, before the property was purchased. Kelly explained that isn't the way it works, we would have to own the property first before any type of plan would be considered by the proper agencies.

Board member Jess Frenzel explained that nothing is planned to be done with the new property this year. There are a lot of steps and planning that need to take place before anything is decided about what can actually be done with the property, which was already being trespassed on by people trying to access Lake Movil. The vacation of the 10 ft. alley is simply a technicality, but would change nothing regarding future planning.

Additional comments included listening to the people and tabling the vacation action, it is not needed, there is already access to the lake, the township already controls the property so there is no need to vacate, etc.

With no further comment, the Public Hearing as adjourned at 7:12 p.m.

The regular Board of Supervisor Meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m.

PRESENT: Chairman Mike Kelly, Supervisor Curt Blumhagen and Jess Frenzel. Treasurer Doug Kranich, Road Supervisor Clarence Lindseth, and new Road Supervisor Tim Vigen, and Clerk Mary Israelson. Absent; Supervisors Clark Chambers and Paul Wiese. See quest book for visitors.

MINUTES: A motion was offered by Blumhagen, and seconded by Frenzel, to approve the minutes of May 27, 2019. The motion carried unanimously.

Cliff Kastner, owner of three (3) mobile home parks in Northern Township, has been notified by the Mn Department of Health that he is required to update his emergency evacuation plan for inclement weather situations. The plan then needs to be approved by the township board. He presented a notice that he would post at the site notifying his residents "in the event of severe weather, listen to the radio for important weather updates ... and then to familiarize themselves with public buildings in the area that would serve as shelters during a weather event ..." The board agreed that simply posting this notice would not satisfy the requirement, and suggested constructing a shelter. Kastner reported that providing a shelter that is available at all times is difficult and only invites problems.

Kelly then asked Kastner what can be done with the appearance of the Northern Trailer Park located along Irvine Ave, since there have been many complaints from neighbors regarding the unsightly appearance of at least one of the homes. Kastner explained that as long as a tenant pays the rent, his hands are tied as a park owner, making it difficult.

Muriel Gilman, wanted to go on record of being opposed to the proposed vacation of the 10 ft. "alley" in the Plat of Britten's Beach.

Joel Johnson, wanted to express a complaint regarding mobile home park tenants from one of Kastner's mobile home parks that is adjacent to his property. He stated that tenants trespass onto his property by putting garbage and discarded items on it.

Tim Vigen was introduced to the Board and began his work as the new Road Supervisor on June 1st. Lindseth will help him throughout the next few months training when needed.

Pot Holes - Lindseth purchased some bags of cold mix to repair a couple holes at the intersection of Winter Sumac and Town Hall Road.

Calcium Chloride - They were supposed to do an application on Balsam Road last week, but have not been there yet. Wiese had called Lindseth asking if a water truck could be used on it, and Lindseth indicated that we don't have access to one and it has never been done.

Gravel - Will be hauled on Wednesday. Bel-Tree, East Movil, and Nordic are a few that will be done, with Vigen handling that work.

E. Movil Lake Road Culvert - There is an old culvert under an entrance that is likely plugged and blocking the water flow. This may need to be cleaned out.

Sweeping - A call was received regarding lots of sand/gravel that was washed onto Birchmont Drive, and needs to be swept. The County Hwy Dept will be asked to sweep from Shorecrest Dr. to Selma Drive. Kelly asked to also have S. Movil Lake Road done, due to the chips that were left there following the chip seal work.

Selma Drive Bump - A complaint was received from someone who was not aware that the large bump from the rising culvert was there. Lindseth will get an estimate for a possible 'band-aid' on the bump.

Supreme Court - A complaint was received from someone who lives along the road, that her kids play on the road and the cars are driving too fast.

Winter Sumac Road - It was previously agreed to pay $7,000.00 to Johnson Construction to have the blacktop in that area reclaimed and placed back down (the reclaim would belong to Johnson Construction). Quotes were then received for the core cut work that is being considered for the area that is breaking up; Johnson Construction - $69,807.00 and Gladen Construction - $61,600.00. Since Gladen's quote was a lump sum and not itemized, it was agreed to ask that they submit an itemized quote. Also, it is unclear if Gladen's understood that the reclaim could not be used for their work.

They will meet Wednesday night with several cases to review.

There have been no recent meetings. Residents are still encouraged to contact their insurance provider regarding the new ISO rating.

Bills - The bills are payable with check numbers 10261 - 10286, totaling $55,509.53. Larger invoices include; Johnson Construction - $31,146.25, and final payment to AE2S for the Waville wastewater treatment study - $6,586.00. A motion was offered by Frenzel, and seconded by Blumhagen, to approve payment of the bills as presented, with the motion carrying unanimously.

Treasurer Report - Cash by Fund balances are; Revenue - $104,510.72, Road & Bridge - $506,103.00, Rural Fire - ($21,368.63), and Sewer District Waville - $6,453.95, for a total of $595,699.04. The tax settlement will be received in June, so the Rural Fire fund will not be negative. A motion was offered by Blumhagen, seconded by Frenzel, and carried, to approve the report as presented.

Certificates of Deposit - Kranich recommended that $65,000.00 of the maturing $140,000 CD be placed in a one month CD at Security Bank at 1.5%. Consensus was given to proceed as recommended. Kranich also indicated that he will explore other investment sources when longer term CDs are to be set up.

Audit - Kranich reported that Jon Roscoe, from Miller McDonald, will be at the next meeting to give the 2018 Audit report.

Pickup Purchase - The pickup that was approved for purchase at the previous meeting was completed. However, our government state tax exemption does not apply to vehicles, so the tax was paid bringing the total of the purchase to $18,253.43.

1) Anonymous complaint regarding stone patio, 2) email from Paul Herr, of the Department of Health, regarding Mobile Home Park Evacuation Plan requirements, 3) information regarding previously vacated portion of Pullman Avenue, 4) 2018 Population and Household Estimate from the Minnesota State Demographer, with our population estimate of 4,128 and household estimate of 1,539, 5) bound copies of the Waville Subordinate District WWTF Condition Assessment, Treatment Alternatives, & Funding Alternatives.

Anonymous Complaint - A 2nd exact copy of an anonymous complaint was received, with new pictures of the supposed violation. This letter was addressed previously by Casey Mai, JPB Planning Director, and there is NO VIOLATION currently on the property. The complainer has sent this letter a 2nd time, but does not sign the letter or provide a return address, so it is impossible to notify them.

Paul Herr - The Clerk had asked for some direction regarding a proposed plan from a mobile home park owner, and replied that even though they require that there is a plan in place, it is up to the local unit of government to approve it. It was agreed that a shelter on the site is probably going to be required.

Pullman Ave Vacation - Richard Johnson had asked at the previous meeting if the Board would support his proposal to vacate a portion of an old platted road along the shore of Lake Bemidji in front of his home. He returned to the Clerk's office a few days later with the documents indicating that the vacation was completed in December of 2015 by District Court. The Town Board had been notified and it was documented in the minutes that there was no objection to the vacation.

Waville Study - A date will be determined to invite the property owner to a meeting to talk about going forward with a plan, and to talk about payment of the study.

Cemetery - Frenzel had received information that the property adjoining the Evergreen Cemetery to the west is available for sale, and wonders if the township should consider it. The information was given to Blumhagen for the subcommittee to look at.

RESOLUTION #2019-0103 - ORDER VACATING A TOWN ROAD (ALLEY): After some discussion regarding the vacation of the 10 ft. public access (alley) along the west end of the Britten's Beach Plat located adjacent to the property purchased by the township, it was agreed to table the action until more board members are present at the next regular meeting on June 24, 2019. A motion was offered by Blumhagen, seconded by Frenzel, and carried to approve the recommendation.

Technical Review Meeting - A meeting will be scheduled with the appropriate agencies to begin looking at a plan for the Lake Movil property. A rough plan must be presented in order for the process to begin.

E. Movil Lake Road - Bill Joyce asked if anything was happening following the meeting that was held last fall with the residents of the northern portion of E. Movil Lake Road NW. The subject had been left with the same concerns from the two (2) property owners whose property would be encroached on in order to correct the curves. They had asked that the area be marked again for them to be able to look at.

With no further business forthcoming, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

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