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Date: Aug 26, 2019
NORTHERN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS - Monday, August 26, 2019, 6:00 p.m. Northern Town Hall, 445 Town Hall Road NW, Bemidji, MN.

PRESENT: Supervisors Mike Kelly, Curt Blumhagen, Clark Chambers, Paul Wiese, and Jess Frenzel. Road Supervisors Clarence Lindseth and Tim Vigen, and Clerk Mary Israelson. See sign-in sheet for guests.

Kelly opened the meeting by acknowledging the retirement of long time Road Supervisor Clarence Lindseth with a plaque and gift thanking him for his dedicated service to Northern Township. He started in his position with the Township in 1975, and has served for most of those years since.

MINUTES: A motion was offered by Wiese, seconded by Blumhagen, and carried, to approve the minutes of the August 12, 2019, meeting with a typo error noted.

Matt Murray and Darwin Wiebolt, were present to address possible changes to the Plat of Plantation Estates. Wiebolt platted this area in 2003 with two (2) phases planned, one for residential and one for commercial use. The residential area has been developed for some time with a blacktopped road being built. The commercial area, along with the road, was never developed and he would like to amend the use changing it to residential. The amended land use request has been initiated with the Joint Planning office. The platted road would also be amended, which is why he is addressing the Township Board. The Board agreed that they did not have any issues with the amendments, and indicated that Wiebolt would be required to enter into a new Developer's Agreement for the new portion of roadway. The old portion would fall under the Road Agreement that was initially approved, but the new portion would need a new agreement. An inspection and approval by an Engineer would be required at the developer's expense, once all of the roads are built and ready to be turned over to the Township for maintenance.

Aspen Avenue - The re-construction work is basically done for the season and appears to be well done.

Winter Sumac Road - The core-cut work is being worked on with a rain-out happening today. It was agreed that the blacktopping of the work would wait until next year. Frenzel would like to see the reclaimed bituminous that was taken out and belongs to Johnson, be put back down and left as a base under the blacktop. Vigen will talk with Johnson about doing that, and what the cost would be.

Country Club Road - This road was overlayed last year and Lindseth mentioned that the Board might want to consider putting a chip-seal on it, as has been done on the other newer blacktop projects. Also, some small cracks are appearing and probably need to be filled.

Tree Trimming - Vigen has been taking note of some trees that should be taken down that are in the road right-of-way, or hanging over the road. And he is getting some estimates for the work. The Board wants to take note and be careful with the budget, since the snowplowing budget was well over estimate for this year.

Ditch Mowing - The 2nd round of mowing will be done again soon. This round is usually a more complete job.

Deer Path - Kelly had talked with Mark at Freeberg & Grund, Inc. regarding the progress on this matter. Mark indicated that they had been contacted by Johanneson some time ago, looked at the roads, and sent a letter with what needed to be done. There has been no contact after that. It was noted that the cut-off for requests to have roads accepted by the Township is October 1st, with a sign-off inspection required from Freeberg & Grund.

East Movil Lake Road - Where are we at with this matter, and what is the next step? Blumhagen feels that the two (2) property owners that are most affected should be visited with again prior to the re-staking being done. Frenzel feels that the Township has an obligation to work on making the road better, and thinks that the ROW should be re-staked for those property owners before they will consider easements to straighten the curves. Kelly agreed to talk with the two (2) property owners, prior to asking Freeberg & Grund to do the re-staking.

The committee appointed to work on plans for the proposed public access on Lake Movil, will conduct their 2nd meeting tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. at the Northern Township Hall. Sheriff Beitel and the DNR Hydrologist will be in attendance.

Frenzel and Kelly briefly reviewed the cases that were before them and those that will be coming soon. The Mississippi Headwaters Board has been given back their authority to be the final approval on permits within their jurisdiction that are not located in chartered cities - those in Northern Township.

The Attorney for the group was asked to review the Dog and Cat Ordinance for needed revisions. He is basically proposing a new Ordinance that is to be reviewed by the BRACO Board prior to being presented to the entities for review.

There have been no further meetings.

1) Email from County Auditor/Treasurer with invitation to Clerk to attend Presidential Nomination Primary training in Brainerd, 2) email from Paul Herr from the MN Dept of Health regarding the status of the evacuation and shelter plans for the mobile home park owners who were contacted by their office, 3) response from Al Gorick and Jayme Klecker regarding information request from Waville Wastewater Subordinate Service District (WWSSD) property owners, 4) letter sent to the WWSSD users with invoice for the system study reimbursement, 5) information from BRACO Attorney regarding changes to the dog and cat ordinance.

Cemetery - Chambers reported that he has talked with Johnson Construction regarding the tree and brush clearing work that Ken Glidden, the Cemetery Sexton, has recommended. This work will be done later in the fall.

Minnesota Energy Resource Co - Kelly reported that he met with them again, and they are still not willing to extend their natural gas services along S. Movil Lake Road.

Waville Subordinate Service District - There will be a discussion sometime in the near future regarding steps for moving forward with renovations to the treatment plant.

MAT District 12 Meeting - Kelly attended the very informative meeting that was held in Bemidji for the first time in many, many years. Milender was re-elected as the District 12 Director.

Brent Rud, Beltrami County Environmental Services Director, will return for the next Board meeting to further discuss the concept of applying for a grant to conduct a study of the individual wastewater treatment systems on properties bordering Lake Bemidji.

With no further business forthcoming, the meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Northern Township is part of the Greater Bemidji Area Joint Planning Board

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