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Date: Sep 17, 2019
LAKE MOVIL PUBLIC ACCESS - Task committee meeting notes. Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 11:00 a.m. at the offices of Freeberg & Grund, Inc., 321 Beltrami Ave NW, Ste A (the Northern Town Hall was being used by a renter).

Present: Mark Fuller from Freeberg & Grund, Inc, Town Board representatives Mike Kelly and Jess Frenzel, DNR Parks & Trails Dave Schotzko, DNR Hydrologist Brent Mason, Northern Township resident representative Jerry Pickett, So. Movil Lake representatives Lee Warne and Muriel Gilman, JPB Office Jamin Carlson, Bill Best from Beltrami County Environmental Resources, and Mary Israelson, Clerk Northern Township.

Fuller submitted a new conceptual draft of a layout, taking into consideration some flexibility and the concerns from various sources. The new draft depicts the turning radius 'bulb' (86') being moved away from the lake in order to help reduce the impact to the wetland area and it is now 50' from the ordinary high water mark. No impact to the west boundary hill and trying to maintain some of the trees on the east side for screening on that neighbor's property. Additional screening on that side will likely be considered, with fencing or some other desired element. Less than 25% of the trees are now impacted on the property. The parking has been reduced to depict four (4) possible stalls; one (1) 20'x9', one (1) 46'x10', and two (2) 48'x10' stalls (the typical stall is 12'x50'). This draft results in about 45% impervious surface and keeps the entrance at 14' due to the existing bump-out in the curb. At this point, it is not known if there is a width requirement for the entrance in that two (2) vehicles could not meet in this scenario.

Schotzko suggested shortening the ramp and adding more planking, in order to help reduce ice damage to a hard surface.

Blacktop vs. gravel - there was some discussion regarding the difference between the two. Both are impervious surfaces. Gravel has a tendency to expand, and usually doesn't set boundaries well - parking is often expanded. A harder surface (blacktop, etc.) with curbing sets a better boundary and produces less erosion with cleaner runoff, and is the JPB preference.

Bill Best, Beltrami County SWCD, administers the state and federal programs and they are one 'piece to the puzzle'. They will look at avoidance and minimization as it relates to impact to the wetlands. He did indicate that it appears that there have been steps taken in this case to support those elements, and noted that when wetland replacement is not possible, wetland credits can be purchased. The TEP group will look at the areas of the wetland that will be impacted.

Topography - there has been no topography work done, since Fuller suggests that there needs to be a good indication that the concept will be approved as a project, prior to the Board authorizing the funds for it. There would also need to be a tree inventory done prior to the application being submitted.

Mason did review some of his notes from his observation of the materials in the lake at the location and he feels that there is a firmer bottom, maybe clay, underneath the muck.

Pickett feels the concept needs to get going, adding that there needs to be a starting point.

Warne felt that the Board has been listening to the concerns, and this appears to be a pretty good plan.

Gilman asked if there were plans for a toilet and/or electricity. At this time, there are no plans for either one, and it probably won't be ADA compliable. There would likely be signage installed.

The Town Board will need to look at this plan and make a decision on the next step.

With no further discussion, the meeting adjourned at 12:11 p.m.

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