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1. This policy is to support the Township’s Five (5) Year Road Plan and may be modified as required to meet Township needs.

2. Roads in Northern Township are classified in three (3) categories:

  1. Primary
  2. Development
  3. Minimum Maintenance

3. The Township has full authority to accept or reject any requests for blacktopping township roads.

4. It shall be the policy of Northern Township to blacktop township roads in a timely and orderly manner.

5. Roads selected for blacktopping in the five (5) year road plan will receive priority. However, if the landowners along a township road desire to have their road blacktopped, the following requirements must be met.

  1. All requests must be submitted by petition before December 1st of preceding year for consideration in the calendar year.
  2. Requests for Development and Minimum Maintenance Roads must be supported by fifty-one percent (51%) of the property owners.
  3. Blacktop costs (including engineering, striping, shouldering, if applicable) are paid as follows:
    (1) Primary Roads – 0% from property owners, 0% for overlay
    (2) Development Roads – 100% from property owners, 0% for overlay
    (3) Minimum Maintenance Roads – 100% from property owners

    These monies may be paid when the project is completed or assessed to the tax rolls for a maximum of five (5) years at a rate determined by the Township Board. Funding for Development Road projects will be determined by the Town Board depending on funds available for up to 100% of the project.

  4. The property owner portion of the cost will be divided equally between each parcel abutting the road being blacktopped. Any parcel with frontage along a proposed blacktopping project, regardless of size, will be included as an equal assessment share. Property owners accessing the road via a side street will equally share one portion of the cost of the blacktopping per ten parcels or parts thereof. These procedures can be changed by unanimous decision of the property owners affected, with Township Board approval prior to awarding contract.
  5. Township or County property will be reviewed on an individual basis for determination of assessments.

6. Requests for blacktopping Non-Primary Roads will be accepted on a first come basis.

7. All driveways abutting Township Roads shall be constructed in compliance with MnDOT plat #900 B prior to blacktopping.

Amended 2/2012

Northern Township is part of the Greater Bemidji Area Joint Planning Board

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