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 FEES:  Price of plots to reflect the cost of perpetual maintenance & administrative costs.

Residents and Former Residents: Non-residents:
8 person plot (lot): $200 $400
4 person plot (1/2 lot): $100   $200
2 person plot (1/4 lot): $70  $140
1 person plot (1/8 lot):  $35  $70

An additional $46.00 fee is to be collected for each lot/plot purchased, to pay the County Recorder’s fee involved in recording the deed and notarizing signatures.


To be retained by the Township:

1) Copy of deeds to plots

2) Map of cemetery, showing ownership of numbered plots.

3) A file folder for each plot, numbered to coincide with the numbers of the plots on the cemetery map, with a map showing all the space(s) of the person buried.

4) Burial book kept in chronological order with the person’s name, exact location of cemetery (plot #), age at death, funeral director’s name, and date buried.


A cemetery plot is purchased from the Township Clerk/Administrator who writes up the deed or title to the plot.  After being signed by the Clerk/Administrator and Town Board Chairman, whose signatures are notarized, the document is delivered to and recorded by the County Recorder.  The original is sent to the purchaser and a copy is kept in the Town Hall.

Resolution #1991-g (plot reverting to Township after 60 years of non-use)


1) Shrubs pruned and grounds raked and cleaned up in May.

2) Grounds mowed once a month or as needed.

3) Trees & shrubs planted at discretion of Groundskeeper only.

4) Flowers & items left on gravesites:

a. Must be placed near monument to facilitate mowing.

b. Groundskeeper may dispose of wilted flowers.

c. Memorial Day – Flowers shall be placed no earlier than 10 days prior to, and must be removed fourteen days after Memorial Day.


1) Tombstones & flat markers are allowed in any part of the cemetery.

2) Tombstones & markers must have a 4-6” base border to facilitate mowing.

3) No gravel or decorative rock is allowed around grave markers.

4) Must be set on foundations & set so tops are level with the sod.

5) Must be made of bronze, granite, marble or other suitable material approved by the caretaker.

6) Should be installed under the supervision of the Caretaker.


1) No winter burials between the dates of October 15th and April 15th, unless Cemetery Sexton deems conditions are favorable.  

2) No picnicking, drinking, or shooting of firearms in the cemetery at any time.

3) Dogs should be on leashes.

Revised – 9/99


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