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Mailbox Policy

Property owners are allowed the privilege of installing their mailboxes on township road rights-of-way. The mailbox should be installed according to US Postal Service and MnDot standards with the appropriate materials (see diagram). These standards minimize the possibility of damage by road maintenance equipment, and the traveling public. The property owner is responsible for keeping the area surrounding the mailbox clear of snow and other obstructions, and replacing/repairing mailboxes that are damaged by road maintenance equipment, similar to Beltrami County’s policy.

Beltrami County Highway Department offers the service of installing the proper mailbox standard at a minimal fee to property owners.

If it is determined that a mailbox was installed according to the proper standards, and damage is the result of road maintenance error, the road contractor will be responsible for the replacement/repairs to the mailbox. Mailboxes that are removed as the result of road construction will be replaced by the contractor.

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